Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen !

Are You in Ukraine for business or travelling? Are you looking for dentist in Ukraine to get your teeth done? Our service is made for foreign visitors, who want to save money and get a High-Quality Dental Service done!

Save Up to 7-8 times comparing to U.S. or European Union prices for Dental Care!


We are the network of Approved Dental Clinics in Kiev and Poltava (3 hrs from Kiev by express train  or 1.5 hrs from Kharkiv) , Ukraine to suite your dental care needs. Poltava is a mecca for dentistry of all over Ukraine, because town boasts of the best Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, which hosts and teaches students all over the world and is a ukrainian research platform for best dentistry in Ukraine!

Here are the steps to book your treatment

  1. Complete a booking form and attach a photo (or a panoramic X-ray picture). Our medical specialists will give an accurate assessment of the cost and duration of treatment. We will send it to your e-mail.
  2. If you have any questions – we will assign you a free skype-consultation.
  3. We will call you to agree on the date of commencement of treatment.
  4. We can book you an apartment close to clinic for an entire period of your stay.
  5. Additionally we can transfer you from an airport or train station.

Why don`t we have a price-list on a website?

 – We beleive in individual approach for each client, and eager to give you a free dental consultation based on your panoramic dental x-ray. Please feel free to fill in a form by clicking a `phone` button to the right of the screen, and get a qualified estimate for the services you need!

Why do I need your dental service if I have a medical insurance in my country?

As we know, not all Americans or Europeans can boast of having all their teeth done properly, because of a high-cost of dentistry in their country of living, but also because their insurance does not cover all-all dental problems, collected within the years of life.

By using our services you are ensured to have great client experience – either it is braces, you need to put, or have a tooth filling renewed or root canal treated. Or maybe you need a consultation of one of the best implant surger, which is based in medical dental academy in Poltava?

Also we can provide you with comfortable accomodation at reasonable cost and all kinds of assistance during your stay in our country. We can organize a pick-up service from Boryspil airport or Kiev.

Comparing to Kiev Dental clinics our dentists are proven to be the best in their area because of the best Ukraine`s medical academy, located in the town of Poltava. Also prices are reasonably cheaper than in capital, and even local ukrainians prefer to go outside of Kiev to get their teeth fixed!

Please fill in Application Form and don`t forget to attach your panoramic dental x-ray. In case you don`t have one – feel free to make a picture of teeth from your smartphone and attach to the form!

After filling the form – you will get free dental consultation and precize estimate according to your dental actual condition!

We are happy to welcome you on Angel Smile Service website – best approved Dental Care Clinics in Poltava, Ukraine!